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A solar battery provides power backup during the night and power cuts. But the problem  arises when you need to select an appropriate battery for your solar panel system. 

Do you know one of the most used solar battery types is the solar tubular battery? Read this blog to understand what solar tubular batteries are, their types, and their specifications to make a wise decision while making a purchase.

What is a Solar Tubular Battery?

A solar tubular battery is also known as a lead-acid battery. It comes in a tubular-shaped structure and is among the most widely available solar batteries in the market. 

The solar tubular battery uses power from the solar system during the day for getting charged. Further, during power outages and at night, it provides an uninterrupted power supply.

However, to improve the safety of your premises, you must place this battery in a non-flammable surrounding. This is important because it produces hydrogen gas while getting charged, and hydrogen is flammable. 

If you want to choose the most affordable option for solar batteries, you must go for tall-tubular batteries. Apart from the price benefit, most manufacturers provide a warranty of 3-5 years for various lead-acid batteries of different capacities.

Lento Industries Private Limited

Lento Industries Private Limited is the most promising Manufacturer , driven with a mission to become a niche player in development of innovative and future proof equipments for Industrial Inverters, Online UPS, Static UPS, Solar Hybrid Inverter, Lead Acid Batteries, Solar Street Lights, Home Inverter, Home UPS, Three Phase Inverter etc. We manage a wide spectrum of modern day power electronics for Home Applications, Business & Commercial Applications, and Batteries that are founded on the firm base of research and development. Our modernized R&D centers bear a testimony of our widely demanded product portfolio featuring comprehensive benefits of latest technology, rugged designs, wide voltage range, energy efficiency and cost competitiveness.

Our forward thinking approach and profound interest is adding value to the industry makes us the fastest growing manufacturers of power electronics. Further, our business models are based on the pivot of total quality management which equips us to manufacture future proof designs. Our highly advanced infrastructural set up empowered our innovative efforts to provide powerful solutions for home use and standalone power plants. Our products are manufactured with compliance to the highest industrial standards of quality and safety and feature intelligent technology to provide precise outputs. In addition, due to the assiduous efforts of highly experienced team members, we are able to explore world class technology and already on the verge of greater expansion in the domain of power and energy.

Lento believes to be emerging as leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam ,Syria, Egypt, Libran, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Latin American  countries etc


lento solar Tubular  battery

1 LENTO White 170 Ah Lead Acid Solar Tubular Battery, Battery Capacity: 170ah 12v

₹ 14,500 

2 100 AH Lead Acid Tubular Battery

Rs 8,500 / Piece

3 150 AH Lead Acid Tubular Battery

Rs 12,500 / Piece

4 200 AH Lead Acid Tubular Battery

Rs 16,500 / Piece

FAQ about solar Tubular Battery in india 

What are tubular solar batteries?

Tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries that are much larger than flat plate batteries. Tubular batteries are commonly seen in UPS and inverter systems. The tubular batteries have a positive plate nestled within a tube wrapped in cloth that holds its electrodes' power.

What are the benefits of solar tubular battery?

What are the benefits of Tubular Battery? A tubular battery for inverter is better equipped and has a longer service life for long power backup needs. This best inverter battery uses less water top ups. Tubular batteries are more durable than a flat plate battery and usually come with a longer warranty period.

What is a tubular battery used for?

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The structure of the battery looks like an array of tubes stacked side-by-side along the length of the battery. Hence, the name “tubular.” These are typically used in applications such as electric vehicle propulsion, home power backup, and solar power equipment.

Which type of battery is best for inverter?

Lead Acid Tubular batteries

Lead Acid Tubular batteries- Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters.

What is the difference between normal battery and solar battery?

Solar batteries have a higher capacity than normal batteries, this means they can store more energy which can be used for a longer period of time. This is important for a solar energy system, as the energy generated during the day can be stored and used at night, and during periods of low sunlight.

Can we use tubular battery for inverter?

Tubular Battery- A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery that is generally big in size when compared to a flat plate battery. These best inverter batteries are suited for areas with long and fewer power cuts like a tier 2 or tier 3 city or city outskirts


What is the life span of a solar tubular battery?

Home solar battery units last anywhere between 5 and 15 years. If you decide to install a solar battery today, it's almost certain you'll need a replacement in the future to match the 20- to 30-year lifespan of your solar power system

How do you maintain a tubular solar battery?

How to take care of Tubular Inverter Batteries?

  1. Install the Inverter Batteries in a Well-Ventilated Area. ...
  2. Check the Acid Level. ...
  3. Check the Battery Water Level every two months. ...
  4. Have a Maintenance Check when fully Charged. ...
  5. Keep the Battery Surface Spotless. ...
  6. Clean the Battery Terminal Area to avoid Corrosion.

What is the difference between solar battery and inverter battery?

The solar photovoltaic cells charge the storage battery using power from the sun to do so. The photovoltaic cells are connected to the charger. Once the battery is fully charged the energy from the battery is used as per load demand. An inverter converts the DC power of battery to AC power suitable for the load.

Which is best solar battery in India?

Image result


White Lento 150 AH Lead Acid Tubular Battery, Voltage: 12v, Battery Type: Flooded Type

Lento flooded lead acid batteries are environment-friendly, highly reliable in performance and are low in cost. Here again our extensive research and development wing has helped us create batteries customized to suit Indian operating conditions. These flooded batteries are perfect for use in battery powered vehicles and to power inverters as well as for telecom use.

Product Specification-

Battery Type

Flooded Type

Battery Capacity

150 AH




150 AH







Product Description

Our organization is counted among the most renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Uttarakhand, India, providing Lead Acid Tubular Batteries and Trolleys that are featured with tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates. These products are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters. We use premium technology and high grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. Along with that, these Lead Acid Tubular Batteries and Trolleys for batteries are environment-friendly, highly reliable in performance and is low in cost.


  • Good recovery from deep discharging
  • Low maintenance battery
  • Specially designed vent plugs to trap electrolyte loss
  • Long shelf life when left unattended for extended periods

Inverter Battery Types

The average life or the lifespan of an inverter battery depends on its type, among other important features.

Each type of inverter battery has its average lifespan. Here are the 3 common types of inverter batteries in Nigeria.

  1. Flat Plate Inverter Battery
  2. Tubular Inverter Battery
  3. Gel Inverter Battery

Let's look at the different types of batteries on the market and pick the one that best meets your needs:

  1. Flat plate battery-These inverter batteries are lead-acid batteries that are recommended for areas with frequent but short-term power outages.
  2. Tubular Battery- A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery that is larger in size than a flat plate battery. These best inverter batteries are ideal for areas with long and frequent power outages, such as tier 2 or tier 3 cities or city outskirts.
  3. Gel Batteries- Gel batteries provide more consistent power backup over a longer period of time than standard lead-acid batteries because they contain a special crisscross structure of gel that holds the acid and prevents it from settling down. They also provide greater power backup per cycle.

Which Inverter Battery Is the Best?

So far, the best tubular inverter battery in Nigeria. Some may argue that it necessitates a Distilled water refill at regular intervals, but it is still worthwhile.

A tubular inverter battery can power devices that require a lot of power. They are also more robust and long-lasting. Above all, they have the longest average lifespan (7 to 8 years).

What Are the Benefits of a Tubular Inverter Battery?

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a tubular inverter battery in Nigeria. Here are a few examples.

  1. A tubular battery is capable of charging and discharging at relatively high temperatures.
  2. They can withstand continuous material shedding for an extended period of time.
  3. Tubular batteries can be used with devices and equipment that require a lot of power.
  4. Even though tubular batteries require maintenance, they are more convenient to use.
  5. Unlike gel batteries, tubular batteries can be charged at high voltages.
  6. They are also an excellent choice for areas with short periods of grid power.
  7. To top it all off, tubular batteries have the longest life span. They have a lifespan of up to 8 years.


What are the other factors to consider when purchasing a battery?

As previously stated, the main factors to consider when purchasing a battery are capacity, warranty, technology, and size. When purchasing a new inverter battery, we recommend getting one with the highest Ah rating and warranty possible. Physical dimensions and technology must also be considered.

Lento batteries also work best with Lento Inverters, providing a longer and more stable power backup. Please ensure that you buy the best inverter battery for your needs from a reputable brand rather than a local manufacturer to ensure good product quality and service.

Aside from the parameters mentioned, the freshness of a new inverter battery is also critical. A battery's performance degrades if it is not charged and discharged on a regular basis. Before purchasing a battery, please check the manufacturing date listed on the packaging. If the battery is old, please ask the seller to recharge it for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How long will a 150 Ah battery last?

You can expect your 150 Ah battery to last for around 3 hours on 400 watts bulb load if it is fully charged. If the load or appliance wattage is reduced the backup will improve.

Q. Which inverter is suitable for 150Ah battery?

Though 600 VA inverter can handle a 150 ah battery, the 850 va inverter charges the 150 ah battery better than 600.

Q. Is 150 Ah battery sufficient for home?

So, a battery with capacity equal to or higher than 140 Ah will suffice for your home.

Q. How many panels can charge 150Ah battery?

Assuming 150 Ah battery and 15 Amp of power, i.e. if the battery receives 15 Amp it will take 10 hours to charge. A Solar panel is typically 9 Amp, so typically 2-3 solar panels will be required.

Q. How long does tubular battery last?

Tubular batteries have a life expectancy of 4.5-5 years, which is longer than flat plate batteries' 2.5-3 years.

Q. Which is the No1 inverter battery company in Nigeria?

  1. Lento

Q. Which brand battery is best for home inverter?

  • Lento Inverter Battery.

Q. Which inverter battery has long life?

Tubular batteries are the most popular and efficient inverter batteries. They are built with a more sophisticated design, have longer operational life (8+ years) and require little maintenance.

Q. Which company tubular battery is best?

  • Lento Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Q. Which inverter battery is more powerful?

Best overall – Lento Lead Acid Tubular Inverter Battery. Undoubtedly the best battery for an inverter in the market.

Q. What happens if I use a higher Ah battery?

Using a battery with a higher Ah will improve the device's running time on a single charge. This feature is important if the power frequently goes out or is out for long periods of time. However, the higher the Ah is on a battery the bigger (physically) it will be.

Q. What is the lifespan of tubular battery?

Tubular batteries have a life expectancy of 4.5-5 years, which is longer than flat plate batteries' 2.5-3 years.

Q. Which company battery is best?

  • Lento Industries Pvt. ltd. - Lento is the best battery manufacturer in India (2022).
  • Q. Which battery gives a maximum backup of 150Ah 180ah or 200ah?
  • 200 Ah battery gives the maximum backup time as compared to 100Ah and 150Ah batteries for an identical battery voltage. Whereas 150Ah battery gives more backup time than 100Ah battery and 100Ah gives the least backup time.








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