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Energy & Power products for home & personal use.


Energy & Power products for Business & Commercial places.


Lead Acid, Maintenance Free & Automotive Batteries by Lento.


Products for Online – Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Voltage Stabilizing products by Lento.


AC, DC & Solar Street Lighting Solution by Lento.


Creating a dynamic company for that is continuous exploration ...


Creating products with innovation with renewable energy sources.


Other customized products and solutions offered by Lento.

Company Overview

About Us

Lento is driven by research and development but with a difference. Here at Lento the focus is on harnessing power of R&D to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users. A group of young technocrats with this common ideology got together and thus was born Lento, a company specializing in Power Electronics & Energy Efficiency. Today Lento has come a long way from its modest beginnings and our R&D powers manufacturing of advance technologies base product that includes Inverters, Online UPS & static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System, (ALBS), Solar Power Equipments, LED lights and BLDC motor application-based products.

Business & Core


R&D powers our business and is fundamental to Lento’s underlying enterprise spirit that has helped us deliver quality, world class innovations and change the landscape of power electronics in the country. Design and develop smart, rugged and highly reliable products that offer the best price to performance ratio in the class. This core philosophy has helped us create some unusual, advanced power electronic devices, inverters, UPS, solar and LED lightings products that will create a new dimension in this field. We seamlessly integrate research & development, quality and delivery. Research by itself does not achieve much but research that brings products to markets and fulfills requirements is what makes a vital difference and Lento’s focus on applied research does just that.

Energetic Team


We consider people we recruit into our fold as uncut diamonds. Our training and development program is designed to transform such rough diamonds into polished high-value performers who contribute to the company, help in its forward march and becoming long-standing assets. If we are proud of our team, it is because we have gone to extraordinary lengths to hand pick specialists with talent, creativity and a drive to innovate as well as commitment to succeed. Lento provides a nurturing environment to each team member, letting them put their best foot forward in individual creativity while working as part of a group. It is our belief that combined efforts and pooling of brain and physical resources can achieve more than a single individual can. Together, we are one mind, one consciousness and one team.

Quality Consciousness


In-House Production Quality

In-Process Quality Management

Production comprises a number of stages. Only those components that are approved go into the process. Here too, each sub-assembly is tested for all parameters using human intervention and specialized tools and equipments developed for that purpose. Only if a sub-assembly passes the tests is it approved for onward process. If faults are detected production people receive full report and our R&D is also involved in order to detect and root out such flaws for future batches.

Final Product Quality Management

The final product, whether it is a small inverter or a complex, digital, microprocessor controlled UPS or power plant, undergoes the 24 hour burn in test only once it passes the test for all parameters. Products are tested rigorously for no load, full load, overload and short circuit protection, for humidity performance, high ambient temperature performance and other factors to ensure they match our claims and give 100% reliability with zero defects.



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