Best Solar energy companies in Egypt 2023

Best Solar energy companies in Egypt 2023

Best Solar energy companies in Egypt 2023

  • LENTO  INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. - Lento is the best solar  manufacturer supplier in Egypt (2023).  Lead-acid batteries and solar SMF batteries from Lento are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. Their products are manufactured using the latest technology and are backed by our quality assurance program. Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters.Lento sealed maintenance-free batteries(SMF)are the perfect solution when you want batteries that last for a long time and perform consistently throughout their life.


1  Lento Lead Acid Tubular Batteries-

Available Amperes: 
75Ah | 100Ah 
120Ah | 180Ah 
200Ah | 220Ah

2 Lento Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

Available Amperes: 
7AH /12AH /42Ah | 65Ah
80Ah | 100Ah
120Ah | 150Ah /200Ah

3 Lento Unique Lead Acid Tubular Batteries



100 AH | 120 AH

150 AH | 180 AH

200 AH | 220 AH

240 AH

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