1kW off grid solar system cost in India 2023

1kW off grid solar system cost in India 2023-

1kW off grid solar system cost in India 2023

How much would an 1kW off grid solar system cost in India 2023

The solar panel 1kw price in India in UP with subsidy will range between ₹30,200 to ₹60,200. The solar panel 1kw price in India in Rajasthan with subsidy will range between ₹28,604 to ₹53,604. The solar panel 1kw price in India in Delhi with subsidy will range between ₹29,400 to ₹59,400

Solar energy has emerged as a promising source of renewable energy in recent years, with increasing adoption across the globe. In India, the government has taken several initiatives to promote the use of solar energy, including subsidies and incentives for both residential and commercial use. With the rising popularity of solar energy, many people are interested in installing off-grid solar systems to meet their energy needs. If you're one of these individuals, you may be wondering how much a 1kW off-grid solar system would cost in India in 2023. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the cost of an off-grid solar system in India and provide an estimate of the cost for a 1kW system.

Using the power of the sun, the 1 kW solar system can generate 4-5 units during the day. A 1 kW solar system is designed to provide power for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India experiencing power outages. It is made up of monocrystalline panels and has an inverter efficiency of more than 97% and a module efficiency of more than 21%.

Why should I choose 1kW off grid solar system?

There are several reasons why choosing a 1kW off-grid solar system can be a great choice for individuals and households in India. Firstly, it is a relatively small system that is easy to install and maintain. It can generate enough power to meet the basic energy needs of a small household, such as lighting, fans, and small appliances. Secondly, an off-grid solar system can provide energy independence, especially in remote areas where grid connection may not be available or reliable. Additionally, an off-grid solar system can help to reduce electricity bills and carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

If you're considering installing an off-grid solar system, Lento is a leading provider of solar energy solutions in India. Lento can guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable solar system for your specific needs and provide professional installation and ongoing maintenance and support services. Lento's expert team of engineers can help you to design a customised solar solution that meets your energy needs and budget. By choosing Lento as your solar energy partner, you can benefit from high-quality and reliable solar energy solutions that will provide long-term value and savings.

Which appliances can I power with a 1 kW solar system?

A 1kW solar system consists of Shark 445W * 2 solar panels, 2500VA, 24V * 1 mppt based solar inverter, 150Ah * 2 solar batteries, and a solar installation kit. This solar inverter can handle up to 1800W of home load. It is suitable for 3-4 BHK home appliances such as 0.5HP/1Hp water pump (submersible pump / surface pump), washing machine, iron press, 1-ton inverter ac, cooler, lights, laptops, CCTV cameras, fans, electric vehicle charging for two and four-wheeler vehicles, and other electrical equipment.

A 1kW off-grid solar system consists of four major components: solar PV modules, a solar inverter, a battery system, and balancing components.

The solar PV modules, also known as solar panels, are the main source of electricity generation in the system. They convert sunlight into DC electrical energy, which is then fed into the inverter.

The solar inverter is a crucial component of the system, as it converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used to power household appliances and electronics.

The battery system is responsible for storing the excess energy generated by the solar panels during the day, which can be used during times when sunlight is not available. There are several types of batteries that can be used in off-grid solar systems, including normal lead-acid batteries, solar batteries designed specifically for solar systems, and lithium-ion batteries that offer high efficiency and longer lifespan.

Finally, balancing components such as mounting structures, DC wires, MC4 connectors, and DC MCBs ensure the safe and efficient operation of the system. The mounting structure provides a stable foundation for the solar panels, while the DC wires and MC4 connectors connect the solar panels to the inverter. The DC MCB protects the system from any faults or overloads.

What is the cost of a 1kw off-grid solar system in India?

In India, a 1kW solar system costs between Rs. 65,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 (approx.). This pricing could differ depending on the type of solar system: on grid, off grid, or hybrid. The 1kW Off-Grid Solar System is available with a single or dual battery.

If a consumer chooses a single battery, the cost of a 1kW off-grid solar system is Rs. 75,000, and the cost of a 1kW off-grid solar system is Rs. 100,000 with a double battery. This price includes a site survey, products, delivery, installation, commissioning, service, and warranty.


If you're looking to buy an off-grid solar system in India, Lento is a trusted and reliable provider of solar energy solutions. Lento offers a range of solar system sizes, capacities, and technologies to suit your specific needs and budget.

Lento provides a one-stop solution platform where customers can compare different solar system options, and get expert guidance on selecting the most suitable system for their energy needs. With Lento, you can also avail of professional installation services and ongoing maintenance and support.

Lento understands that customers want to see the product demonstration and know more about the quality and performance of the solar systems before making a purchase. As such, Lento offers product demos and detailed information on the performance and reliability of its solar systems, ensuring that customers can make an informed decision.

Overall, Lento is a reliable and customer-focused provider of off-grid solar systems in India, offering high-quality and efficient solar solutions that can help you reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. What is solar system?

Solar system is a combination of multiple components such as inverter, battery, solar panel and accessories. Solar system is installed to generate electricity.

2. What are benefits of solar system?

  • It has many advantages as given below:
  • It reduces electricity bills
  • It provides continuous power for 24x7
  • It reduces pollutions as it generates green energy
  • It provide additional source of income to farmers who export this solar energy to grid and earn extra money
  • Property value increases by installing solar system on roof
  • You get subsidy and incentive from government.
  • You become owner of your electricity and reduces burden on transmission line.

3. What is warranty of solar system?

You get 1 year warranty on solar system, and 25 years on solar panel performance, 2 years on inverter and 5 years on solar battery. Even you can extend your warranty period if needed.

4. What are the appliances it will run, Motor / AC ?

It will run generally home appliance of home such as tv, fan, light, freeze excluding motors/ac. If you want to run water motor you need to buy bigger size solar system.

5. Who should buy it?

If you are getting frequent power cut in your home and if you are looking for affordable electricity, solar power system would be suitable for you.

These are some of the customer types who bought this system:

  • Hospital owners
  • Petrol Pump
  • Farmers for Water Pump
  • Atta Chaki owners
  • School / Colleges
  • 2/3 bhkhome owners
  • Small shop owners

6. Why 1 KW system and not 3 KW system?

Before buying solar system you must understand your need, why you want to install solar system. Is it to reduce electricity bill or you need continuous power back for how many hours. Once you know in details you get clarity what system you should buy.

7. Is 1 kW enough to run a house?

A 1kW solar system can easily power a 2-3 BHK house wherein you can use one refrigerator, three fans, one TV, one laptop, and 4-5 lights. On average, you can run about 800 W loads on a regular basis.





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