EV Car Charging Station

EV Charging stations across India for your vehicle

Lento is a company that has always given priority to innovation in manufacturing the different electric machines that we manufacture. This is even truer when it comes to the EV charging stations that we produce. These products are completely environment friendly because they work completely on the energy from the sunlight with the exception of cloudy days.

During the monsoon or in some states even during the winter, the sun does not shine for days on end. In this situation you can also use the electric supply from the grid to charge electric vehicles. Hence you can consider these to be hybrid charging stations.

Our engineers are forever on the lookout for ever new technologies and methods which can make our machines better. Not only this, we also have a very customer centric attitude towards our business. This is the reason that we also focus on reducing the cost of the machine for the customer.

Our electric vehicle charging stations are not just meant for commercial purposes. Instead even individual e-vehicle owners can buy these chargers. They are very affordable compared to using fossil fuels, and you can rest assured that you are also doing your bit for the conservation of the environment.

Many other companies have tried their hand at producing solar powered gizmos, but none of them have been as successful as Lento India. On the other hand, we have an array of solar powered machines including EV charging stations for the next generations.

We can safely say that we have exceeded client expectations with our products. Our clients are very happy with us and keep coming back to us when they require any of the products that we create.

This has encouraged us to keep the research on in order to introduce more innovative products as far as our electric vehicle chargers and other products are concerned. You can leave an enquiry with us or talk to our sales staff and discuss your requirements. We will provide the best solution for your electric vehicle chargers.

Even a careful study of our website will give you an idea about the excellence of our products. We have been successful in the proper harnessing of solar power with our electric vehicle charging stations and we are soon becoming the choice of the people of India.

In spite of this, we do not rest on past laurels alone, and keep on finding newer methods to create more efficient and affordable electric vehicle charging solutions.




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We are having our Innovation team who work day & night to innovate new ideas.


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Lento is having its own in-house R&D Center with testing facility.


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We are supplying products in more than 18+ countries worldwide.

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