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Sustainable e-bike and e-rickshaw charger

With increasing awareness of dangers to the environment most people are refraining from burning wood or fossil fuels. They are looking for more sustainable sources of energy and this has led to the slowly but surely rising popularity of e-rickshaws, e-bikes and e-cars.

Now the question is – how to make these e-vehicles truly sustainable. This is because in India maximum electricity is still made from fossil fuels. The answer is to use sustainable and freely available sources like the wind, the sun and water.

We bring to you the most apt solution for producing the electricity for e-bike charger and e-rickshaw charger. Lento India has designed excellent e—charging stations which produce their electricity using sun light.

Sun light is available in abundance almost throughout the year in most states. This is the reason that Lento India has made e-vehicle chargers that produce electricity with the help of sun light. These chargers can be installed without much ado and they are also easy to maintain.

At Lento India we understand that return on investment is the first thing on the mind of an individual who is planning to set up an e-vehicle charging station. Of course sun light in India is available at no cost and to add to it our e-bike charger and e-rickshaw charger are affordably priced.

The current petrol and CNG stations have started showing interest in chargers for electric vehicles. At the same time, some enterprising individuals also have decided to set up only electric vehicle charging stations. Even the Indian government is supporting the people who show interest in generating sustainable electricity with the help of solar energy.

The electricity obtained from the sun light is first stored in batteries in the form of DC current. However, the chargers are equipped with the technology to convert the DC current into AC which can be the transferred to the vehicle.

Lento India is committed to provide the best of technology to make sustainable energy easily available to the common people. This is the reason that our company is not just doing great business in India, but also other countries which have abundant sun light throughout the year.

So if you are interested in earning money throughout means that are environment friendly and sustainable in the long run then you should opt for our electric vehicle chargers. A visit to our website will give you an idea of the quality of our products. You can place the order for electric vehicle chargers online as well.

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