DSP Sine Wave 3 Phase Inverter & ALBS Series

Available Variants:

10 KVA / 180 VDC

12 KVA / 180 VDC

15 KVA / 180 VDC & 240 VDC

20 KVA / 240 VDC & 360 VDC

25 KVA / 360 VDC

40 KVA / 360 VDC

60 KVA / 360 VDC

Lento DSP sine wave online UPS feature a wealth of advance features. Designed for use with expensive critical electronics instrumentation, these UPS systems have a host of safety controls to ensure your devices are always protected. Lento DSP online UPS performs very well in case of mains failure, sensing of voltage fluctuations and automatic switchover, lighting guard, electrostatic protection, overvoltage and overload protection, short circuit protection and low battery protection. Lento DSP UPS are configured to be always active when power fails. At the same time, the batteries are kept constantly charged through a monitoring circuit to ensure their longevity. DSP sine wave online UPS are preferred especially when they are Lento with guaranteed frequency and voltage control along with inbuilt protection features.

Lento low-frequency series online UPS meets critical industry standards with its state of art digital intelligence online UPS technologies with the best power factor rating and consistently reliable performance day in and day out.

We are recognized as the foremost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of an exclusive quality array of DSP based UPS series. Specially designed for small data centers and critical load appliances, this range is manufactured using optimum quality factor inputs. Moreover, it is made by experts that rigorously inspect this range on various parameters of quality. Available in various technical specifications this product can also be customized in accordance with preferences laid by our patrons.

Salient Features

DSP Sine Wave 3 Phase Inverter & ALBS Series
Lento DSP sine wave Automotive Lift Backup system ( ALBS) is specifically designed to address the requirements of running lift motors with high Torque. These ALBS output 3 phase supply that is similar to the 4 wire mains 3 phase supply and can effortlessly switched in with a simple electronics changeover incase of power failure to power lifts and elevators . The same ALBS can be used as a power source for staircase , parking , compound and common lighting as well as power source for security systems. Lento ALBS feature DSP based three phase sine wave output inverter module , battery charger , electronic change over and extra heavy duty components to handle high starting torque currents drawn by lift motors , pump sets and air conditioners.
1. For Providing reliable power back-up for Life/Elevators.
2. As a major power supply source from water pumps, fire pumps & other3phase critical motorized equipment.
3. Petrol/ Diesel Dispensing (filling) Machines.
4. Tread mills & other other Health Equipment in Home/Gyms.
5. Major power backup source in corporate offices as well as call centres.
6. Computers & peripherals/ office Equipment like scanners , Printers, and Fax Machines etc.
7. Emergency & Mobile power Systems.
8. Air Conditioners and all compressor Based applications like water cooler , Bottle coolers , Ice Cream Parlours etc.


Product Description

Lento has gained a reputation for quality, high performance DSP sine wave online UPS Three Phase system in a wide range of configurations ranging from 5KVA to 100 KVA and more in customized designs. These DSP online UPS systems can have additional modules

Technical Documentation

> Major Power Back up source in corporate offices as well as call centres. > Banks & ATMs. > Defence & Para Military operations complex. > Life saving medical equipments and diagnostic labs. > Photography and colour labs. > Emergency Devices (Lights/Alarms). > Fire Devices. > Telecommunication Devices. > Vital real-time & process control equipment in industries. > Aviation and broadcasting.




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