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We consider people we recruit into our fold as uncut diamonds. Our training and development program is designed to transform such rough diamonds into polished high value performers who contribute to the company, help in its forward march and becoming long standing assets.

If we are proud of our team, it is because we have gone to extraordinary lengths to hand pick specialists with talent, creativity and a drive to innovate as well as commitment to succeed. Lento provides a nurturing environment to each team member, letting them put their best foot forward in individual creativity while working as part of a group. It is our belief that combined efforts and pooling of brain and physical resources can achieve more than a single individual can. Together, we are one mind, one consciousness and one team.

Sine wave technology also does away with annoying RF interference due to absence of harmonics and ensures longevity of expensive equipments.

Other products in markets delivers distorted output waveforms particularly on normally encountered loads like Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Tube Lights, Motors, Air Coolers, and Computers etc. This Distorted waveform is harmful for almost all the home appliances. Lento DSP Sine wave Home UPS & Inverter delivers quality output with reliable performance at a reasonable price. Lento DSP based Sine wave inverters & UPS are specialized in providing clean and stable power supply to all connected appliances and equipments.

R&D from a global perspective is one thing but we go beyond. We adapt R&D to specific local conditions. India, for example, is price conscious market yet demands quality in products that must perform under rigorous conditions. We satisfy this through our innovative R&D efforts in which we achieve a fine balance of cost and quality. R&D does not just focus on products development but it also extends to people, their usage patterns and expectations in order to anticipate the future and come up with next generation products that satisfy requirements in all respects. Innovation also extends to our system of quality control of inputs and innovation applies in equal measure to coming up with interesting and better ways to serve markets and customers. Lento is 360 degree innovation.

If there is one thing we are rigorous about, it is quality. Quality means no compromises at any stage and at any level. We are ISO certified and have additional stringent parameters for each and every stage of manufacturing from sampling raw materials and components to checks at all stages of assembly for zero defect.

Quality for us at Lento is a way of life and form the fabric of our thoughts and actions. Our no-compromise approach to quality covers various aspects of our operations such as:

+ Strictest and most stringent tests of raw materials and components before being approved for use in the manufacture.

+ Rigorous in-process tests to weed out any defects.

+ A series of tests after final manufacture for zero defects.

+ Quality in our back office operations through systematized methodology to ensure consistency.

+ Quality process in our dealings with general public, with vendors, with clients, dealers and distributors.

+ Quality processes defined for our services and maintenances division.

As part of our campaign to standardize and ensure highest norms, we are going in for internationally recognized certifications for that stamp of quality in all our operations.

It is not plant and machinery that are a company’s wealth; it is the human resources that power our company. We pride ourselves on having some of the best HR practices, creating a work culture and an environment designed to help each one grow, obtain satisfaction and progress in life. We have an open work culture where anyone and everyone can interact, work as a team and forget about rigid hierarchical structures.

Lento prides itself on creating a work environment and a culture that is collaborative, conducive to achievements of the company’s goals and on progress of an individual. Our care and concern for our human resources extends from the work space to their families with a number of suitable programs in place as regards healthcare, education, social activities and interactions to knit a community even closer. Find the best talent, nurture it and give it ample opportunities to put out roots and grow and this results in the finest fruits. This policy has paid dividends and will continue to do so as an enlightened management leads a supercharged team on its way to distinction.

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