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R&D powers our business and is fundamental to Lento’s underlying enterprise spirit that has helped us deliver quality, world class innovations and change the landscape of power electronics in the country. 

Design and develop smart, rugged and highly reliable products that offer the best price to performance ratio in the class. This core philosophy has helped us create some unusual, advanced power electronic devices, inverters, UPS, solar and LED lightings products that will create a new dimension in this field. 

We seamlessly integrate research & development, quality and delivery. Research by itself does not achieve much but research that brings products to markets and fulfills requirements is what makes a vital difference and Lento’s focus on applied research does just that. 

Anticipate the future and deliver products that are cost efficient and meet user requirements, giving them best returns on investments. 

Manufacturing is supported by extensive service and maintenance with a division created specifically to handle this important task that is so essential for customer satisfaction. 

Plough back profits into research and development of products as well as betterment of staff and the community in a holistic approach to business. 

Listen to feedback from users as an important contributory element to improvement of our products and our way of working.

Tomorrow’s technology, here, today, adapted for Indian conditions, Indian users and Indian budgets. This is how we work and this has resulted in our being the first to introduce digital signal processing based inverters and UPS. We offer pure Sine wave inverters in contrast to quasi sine wave or modified square wave inverters commonly available. A feather in our hat is the ALBS technology providing 3 phase inverter power for lifts and other equipments.

Lento pioneered pure sine wave technology in its inverters, UPS and power supplies. Our Sine wave inverters output stable frequency and voltage, mimicking mains power supply, making it perfectly suitable to power expensive equipments, especially inductive loads that do not work well on square waves. Sine wave technology also does away with annoying RF interference due to absence of harmonics and ensures longevity of expensive equipments.

Unlike other technologies that rely on quasi Sine wave, Lento technology is pure Sine wave and output from inverters conforms to mains power supply in terms of frequency and voltage. If you plan to power air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, microwaves or any electronic equipments, your best bet is to go with Sine wave technology to ensure reliable operation. Even for fluorescent tubes and fans, Sine wave works better because all these equipments, whether electronic or electrical, are primarily designed to run on Sine wave power. Our sophisticated digital state of art circuitry guarantees Sine wave frequency and voltage output within closely specified parameters.

Square Wave: Very old style Inverter. OK for Bulb Loads. Not good for other appliances like Tube Lights, Fans, coolers and motors etc.

Quasi Sine Wave: In basic it is square wave inverter, but at low load conditions the circuit in this type of inverters cuts some part of the square wave. Good for Bulbs. Not good for other appliances like Tube Lights, LED lights, Fans, coolers and motors etc

Trapezoidal Wave : There is no inverter in the mass market which is able to supply the trapezoidal waveform. This type of waveform is still better than Square wave and Quasi Sine Wave. Some brands claim of it’s Inverter a Trapezoidal Wave Inverter which is a false claim.

Microcontroller Based or Digital Inverter : This in basic is a Square wave Inverter only. The difference is that the control in this type of inverters is done by microcontroller. Increased reliability of inverter but still not safe for appliances.

Microcontroller Based Pure Sine Wave: inverters are not pure sine wave as they claim it is. It gives low battery backup and it is very costly. Also these inverters create a very irritating high frequency noise which is very much disturbing.

DSP Based Sure Sine Wave : This is the world’s latest technology Inverter manufactured by Lento. This inverter is having all the advantages of Sine wave Inverter with backup time equal to square wave inverters. It creates no sound in load and in inverter. This gives exact replica of A C main which is best suited for all kind of electrical appliances as all appliances are design to operate on this. This increases the appliances life span in terms of operation life.

Lento solar power systems go beyond simple analog or digital circuitry to incorporate sophisticated DSP based units. Our units are flexible, modular and scalable allowing remote deployment with minimal physical intervention due to a high degree of electronic automated monitoring and controlling processes. Stand alone systems, hybrid, home units or industrial, grid tied, we have a solution for every situation. Being reliable and manufactured using military grade components, our solar systems perform day in, day out, for years with minimal maintenance.

automated monitoring and controlling processes. Stand alone systems, hybrid, home units or industrial, grid tied, we have a solution for every situation. Being reliable and manufactured using military grade components, our solar systems perform day in, day out, for years with minimal maintenance.

LED is the light of the future and Lento has developed advanced LED lighting devices in the form of LED bulbs and LED tubelights with high lumen output, excellent reliability, durability, color rendering and affordable prices. For interior lighting we have affordable energy efficient LED lights and for streetlights we offer next generation high lumen high watt LED arrays in the range of 3W to 150W which includes LED Bulbs,Tubelights & Street Lights. Our LED lighting solutions will save the nation a huge amount of energy and reduce green house gas emissions as well as the carbon footprint. 

Today you can buy a variety of LED lighting for home and commercial illumination with warm, cool and natural daylight color output. In addition you can also buy sophisticated RGB LED systems with controllers that allow you to vary the output in terms of light color and level of illumination. For most homes the standard is to go in for fixed output LED lighting fixtures. A step up is a controller that allows you to dim or brighten the LED from zero to maximum power. Regardless, LEDs, when matched with appropriate controllers, can last for 50000 to 100000 hours and emit less heat while allowing for flexibility of design. Lento offers the standard range of LED luminaries and plans to introduce RGB variable lighting in the near future to create the perfect mood for interiors.

BLDC motors are more versatile, mainly because of their savvy in the speed and torque departments. They also come in compact packages, making them viable for a variety of compact designs. Typical apps include, HVAC and refrigeration, industrial and manufacturing systems, and direct-drive turntables.

Another advantage of a BLDC motor is that it can be made smaller and lighter than a brush type with the same power output, making the former suitable for applications where space is tight.

Because a BLDC motor dispenses with the brushes – instead employing an “electronic commutator" – the motor’s reliability and efficiency is improved by eliminating this source of wear and power loss. In addition, BLDC motors boast a number of other advantages over brush DC motors and induction motors, including better speed versus torque characteristics; faster dynamic response; noiseless operation; and higher speed ranges.

Traditionally, ferrite magnets were used to make the permanent magnets, while these magnets are more expensive, they generate greater flux density, allowing the rotor to be made smaller for a given torque. The use of these powerful magnets is a key reason why BLDC motors deliver higher power than a brush-type DC motor of the same size.

Moreover, the ratio of torque delivered relatively to the motor’s size is higher, making it a good choice for applications such as washing machines and EVs, where high power is needed but compactness and lightness are critical factors.

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