GSM and SNMP Add On Solutions

  • GSM and SNMP Add On Solutions

In organizations where USP units are deployed on a large scale it becomes necessary to monitor and evaluate their performance. This is not practical if done manually. Lento’s innovative GSM and SNMP add on solutions take care of this issue. The system allows remote monitoring of USP through LAN and Internet. Centralized remote monitoring can track performance of each unit, maintain logs as well as detect fault. In addition to reducing dependence on human resources this solution also allows administrators to allow computers to hibernate before a UPS is shut down for maintenance and thus preserve valuable data.

Salient Features

Lento SNMP and GSM solution has advanced state of art features such as: + Remote monitoring through LAN or WAN networks + Facility to use multiple screens to evaluate a number of USP or a number of factors + POP up messages with alarm + Hibernate facility to save power on all clients connected to LAN + Self diagnostics and detect problems as well as ability to send notifications through mail + Password protection Easy to use graphical user interface


+ Lento SNMP software is designed to monitor multiple USP units simultaneously and display warning messages in case of any malfunction in any of the units + It has inbuilt facility for Pop-up messages and warnings for low battery, mains MCB trip, overload and over-temperature + Monitors all parameters such as UPS ID & IP address, each unit’s input and output voltage and frequency, battery voltage & + status, load, output status on battery/mains and communication status + Data logging for each UPS with time and date for historical analysis purpose + Protection logging with IP address, date and time + Options of digital, graph and analog views + Smart trap finds faults related to variations in output voltage and frequency, temperature, overload and battery status + Web management tools included to allow remote monitoring of status of each UPS from any location at any time as well as monitor the UPS through WAN static IP address + Options of digital, graph and analog views Lento SNMP solution is developed keeping in mind usage patterns of telecom industry and banks as well as organizations that make use of a large number of UPS. SNMP add on solutions save time, money, increase efficiency and assure fail-safe, reliable operations. This is especially recommended for critical environments such as banks and telecom sectors. Our SNMP add on solution includes total turnkey solutions from discussions of your requirements to installation, commissioning, training in use of the system and back up support. Our SNMP solutions are modular, scalable and easy to integrate into existing systems or install as a fresh solution. Sitting at the top is the SNMP manager software in a computer system that links to a router to which are attached client computers and SNMP modules connected to UPS systems. The router also interfaces to the internet and allows remote monitoring as well as control of any unit in any location.

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