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We consider people we recruit into our fold as uncut diamonds. Our training and development program is designed to transform such rough diamonds into polished high value performers who contribute to the company, help in its forward march and becoming long standing assets.

If we are proud of our team, it is because we have gone to extraordinary lengths to hand pick specialists with talent, creativity and a drive to innovate as well as commitment to succeed. Lento provides a nurturing environment to each team member, letting them put their best foot forward in individual creativity while working as part of a group. It is our belief that combined efforts and pooling of brain and physical resources can achieve more than a single individual can. Together, we are one mind, one consciousness and one team.

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Sine wave technology also does away with annoying RF interference due to absence of harmonics and ensures longevity of expensive equipments.

Other products in markets delivers distorted output waveforms particularly on normally encountered loads like Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Tube Lights, Motors, Air Coolers, and Computers etc. This Distorted waveform is harmful for almost all the home appliances. Lento DSP Sine wave Home UPS & Inverter delivers quality output with reliable performance at a reasonable price. Lento DSP based Sine wave inverters & UPS are specialized in providing clean and stable power supply to all connected appliances and equipments.

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