Hybrid Solar Inverter price South Africa

Hybrid Solar Inverter price South Africa

Hybrid Solar Inverter price South Africa

Our hybrid inverters are available for  in South Africa at competitive prices in all major cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban



1 1050 VA 12V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 5,400 / Piece

2  7.5 KVA 96V Solar Hybrid MPPT Inverter

Rs 47,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

3 3.5KVA 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 18,500 / PieceGet Latest Price

4 Lento 10 Kva 192 V Sine Wave Inverter

Rs 55,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

5 5KVA 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 35,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

6 Lento 850 VA 12V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 4,700 / PieceGet Latest Price

7 Lento 5KVA 96V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 35,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

8 Lento 7.5 KVA 120V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs 55,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

9 Lento 2.5 KVA 48V Solar Hybrid Inverter

Rs 17,000 / PieceGet Latest Price

When it comes to solar inverters in Tanzania, there are many options to consider when purchasing one for your solar energy solution. In the most basic terms, a solar inverter converts the output of your solar panels installed on your roof into usable electricity for your home or business.

The primary function of the inverter is to convert the Direct Current (DC) provided by the solar panel into Alternating Current (AC) that can be used to power your home or office complex's appliances. Choosing the right product for a specific solar application is critical to your solution, and there are numerous factors to consider before choosing the right solar inverter for yourself or your client. There are various types of inverters, each with its own set of functions and properties. There is also the issue of determining the appropriate capacity of inverter to use in Tanzania.

If you are looking to install a hybrid solar inverter for your utility-scale, commercial, or residential project, but getting confused which brand is best for solar inverter, then check this article for the best solar inverter manufacturerin Tanzania for 2022.


Lento a solar grid inverter manufacturer, is the best solar inverter manufacturer in the world. It is driven by research and development but with a difference and is one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers in world. The focus at Lento is on harnessing the power of R&D to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users. This inverter making company has R&D that powers the manufacturing of advance technology-based products that include Inverters, Online UPS & static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System (ALBS), Solar Power Equipment, LED lights, and BLDC motor application-based products. It brings you: commercial series, utility series and hybrid series. The product redefines your relationship with energy, saves money and reduces emission of carbon. A group of young technocrats with this common ideology got together and thus was born Lento, a company specializing in Power Electronics & Energy Efficiency. Today Lento has come a long way from its modest beginnings.

Products offered by Lento-

Product Name- Solar Hybrid Inverter / PCU (L-KVA)- Monitoring of battery voltage, optimum charging of battery, state of battery charge monitor, low voltage and overload cut out.

Quick battery charging mode using solar power or AC mains power or both with the controller sensing SPV module power and switching to mains if the voltage is low, as happens in case of rainy conditions.

Switch over of load to solar when monitoring unit senses it can bear the load. Lento controller monitors and seamlessly switches power in milliseconds, making it ideal even for sensitive electronic devices like computers.

DSP based sine wave output with fixed 50 Hz 230 V sine wave output. This enhances reliability and durability of equipments that are designed to work on sine waves such as air conditioners, refrigerators, tube lights and fans.

Energy conservation is highest while battery backup is longest in our DSP based solar hybrid systems.

Available Variants –

  • 700 VA / 12 VDC
  • 900 VA / 12 VDC
  • 1100 VA / 12V
  • 1600 VA / 24 VDC
  • 2100 VA / 24 VDC
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