Best solar Battery in Saudi Arabia 2023

Best solar Battery in Saudi Arabia 2023

Best solar Battery in Saudi Arabia 2023- Lento solar Battery is best in Saudi Arabia 

Lento Batteries is India's leading and best tubular inverter battery manufacturer. We are the best battery suppliers in India. The Lento Research and Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve and increase the reliability of inverter batteries.

This can be accomplished by producing batteries with consistent high performance. Our inverter battery requires less maintenance and takes up little space.

Tubular Batteries-

Instead of pasting the active material on the plate's surface, a tubular battery uses technology that seals it in polyester tubes called gauntlets. As a result, no shedding or corrosion occurs, resulting in a long battery life. Tubular batteries, due to their toughness and durability, can operate at extreme temperatures and are used in high cyclic applications involving frequent and prolonged power outages.

Lento Tubular Battery

LENTO - Lento Industries Pvt. ltd. is the best battery manufacturer in India (2023. Lead-acid batteries and solar SMF batteries from Lento are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. Their products are manufactured using the latest technology and are backed by our quality assurance program. Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters. Lento sealed maintenance-free batteries (SMF)are the perfect solution when you want batteries that last for a long time and perform consistently throughout their life.

Lento offers a various range of tubular batteries -

Lead Acid Tubular batteries- Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters. Lento flooded lead acid batteries are environment-friendly, highly reliable in performance and are low in cost. Here again our extensive research and development wing has helped us create batteries customized to suit Indian operating conditions. These flooded batteries are perfect for use in battery powered vehicles and to power inverters as well as for telecom use.

Available Amperes: 

75Ah | 100Ah 

120Ah | 180Ah 

200Ah | 220Ah

Advantages of using Lento Tubular Batteries-

  • Specially mixed corrosion-resistant alloy for spins & grids.
  • Tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates.
  • Low maintenance battery.
  • Specially designed vent plugs to trap electrolyte loss.
  • Good recovery from deep discharging.
  • Long shelf life when left unattended for extended periods.
  • Long life cycle.
  • No leakage, seepage, or spillage of electrolytes.
  • Gets charged faster than other batteries due to its specific features. Quicker useability for repeated application.

Inverter Battery Types

The average life or the lifespan of an inverter battery depends on its type, among other important features.

Each type of inverter battery has its average lifespan. Here are the 3 common types of inverter batteries in India.

  1. Flat Plate Inverter Battery
  2. Tubular Inverter Battery
  3. Gel Inverter Battery

Let's look at the different types of batteries on the market and pick the one that best meets your needs:

  1. Flat plate battery-These inverter batteries are lead-acid batteries that are recommended for areas with frequent but short-term power outages.
  2. Tubular Battery- A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery that is larger in size than a flat plate battery. These best inverter batteries are ideal for areas with long and frequent power outages, such as tier 2 or tier 3 cities or city outskirts.
  3. Gel Batteries- Gel batteries provide more consistent power backup over a longer period of time than standard lead-acid batteries because they contain a special crisscross structure of gel that holds the acid and prevents it from settling down. They also provide greater power backup per cycle.

Which Inverter Battery Is the Best?

So far, the best tubular inverter battery in India. Some may argue that it necessitates a Distilled water refill at regular intervals, but it is still worthwhile.

A tubular inverter battery can power devices that require a lot of power. They are also more robust and long-lasting. Above all, they have the longest average lifespan (7 to 8 years).

What Are the Benefits of a Tubular Inverter Battery?

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a tubular inverter battery in India. Here are a few examples.

  1. A tubular battery is capable of charging and discharging at relatively high temperatures.
  2. They can withstand continuous material shedding for an extended period of time.
  3. Tubular batteries can be used with devices and equipment that require a lot of power.
  4. Even though tubular batteries require maintenance, they are more convenient to use.
  5. Unlike gel batteries, tubular batteries can be charged at high voltages.
  6. They are also an excellent choice for areas with short periods of grid power.
  7. To top it all off, tubular batteries have the longest life span. They have a lifespan of up to 8 years.
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