Best 20 kva online ups south Africa 2023

Best 20 kva online ups south Africa 2023

Best 20 kva online ups south Africa 2023


In industrial environments the power supply is quite noise due to a variety of loads. Operating critical, expensive and sensitive electronic devices in such environments put them at risk. Harmonics, voltage fluctuations, voltage peaks, mains failure, abrupt low voltages and blackouts are common in such environments. Lightning and electrostatic discharges are another threat to sensitive data equipped with CMOS chips. The solution is to use Lento DSP sine wave online UPS. Lento online UPS DSP power supplies incorporate inverters that draw power from the mains and deliver highly stabilized, noise-free supply for sensitive electronic equipments. Simultaneously, the batteries are kept in a state of full charge through a sophisticated monitoring and control circuit. Lento DSP UPS deliver 50 Hz 230V stable supply with variations kept within tight limits of 1-2%. Power automatically shifts to battery backup in case of over voltage of mains, low voltage, rapid fluctuations or total failure. This makes it ideal for computers and other sensitive equipments for seamless transition that avoids resets.


Salient Features of Online UPS 3-3 Output Series


  • DSP Based double conversion topology with enhanced control over the voltage and frequency.
  • In-Built requisite safety & protections like Short circuit, over temp, Battery Low/High, etc. With comprehensive display.
  • Wide Input Voltage and frequency range.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Generator Compatibility.
  • (Remote) Monitoring and Auto – Shutdown software.
  • Extremely Low Total Harmonics distortion (<3%).
  • Web, SNMP & GSM based monitoring (optional)
  • Cold Start.
  • LCD Display.


Lento Three Phase 20 KVA 360 VDC Online UPS, Capacity: 20KVA, Input Voltage: 240v Dc

Product Specification



Model Name/Number

20kVa 240/360V





Battery Type



Three Phase

Input Voltage

240V DC


Online UPS






Product Description

By keeping the track of current market development, Lento Industries Private Limited is emerging as one of the big company in top Indian Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters with an exclusive range of Three Phase Online UPS that can have additional modules for network monitoring and logging plugged into them for remote monitoring. These products are kept in a state of full charge through a sophisticated monitoring and control circuit. The Three Phase Online UPSoffered by us draw power from the mains and deliver highly stabilized, noise-free supply for sensitive electronic equipments.



  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer
  • Extremely Low Total Harmonics distortion (<3%)
  • Wide Input Voltage and frequency range
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Web, SNMP & GSM based monitoring (optional)


Lento believes to be emerging as leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam,Syria, Egypt, Libran, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Latin American countries etc.


  • Major Power Back up source in corporate offices as well as call centres.
  • Banks & ATMs.
  • Life saving medical equipments and diagnostic labs.
  • Photography and colour labs.
  • Emergency Devices (Lights/Alarms)
  • Fire Devices.
  • Telecommunication Devices.
  • Industrial Applications.
  • Vital real time & process control equipment in industries.
  • Aviation and broadcasting.


What is UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?


UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, and its name comes from the fact that it provides a continuous supply of power without interruption. It draws current from the mains in normal operation and from its backup source during a power outage.


As a backup source, a UPS system uses DC power stored in a battery. A Rectifier and charge controller circuit in the UPS charges the battery from the AC mains. At the same time, it powers the output AC load. In the event of a power outage, the UPS uses the charged DC power in the battery to convert it to AC via an inverter and supply it to the AC load.

The switch between sources (AC mains and battery in case of power outage) is now instantaneous. It does, however, take time. Some sensitive electronic equipment may be affected by this time delay during switching, while other devices may tolerate it within a certain range. This is where Online UPS and Offline UPS enter the picture.


What is Online UPS?


The Online UPS is a type of UPS that normally supplies power to the AC load via the Rectifier and Inverter Combo and uses an inverter to supply power during a power outage. As a result, the output power supply is always on and no switching is required. As a result, there is no time lag when switching between its sources. Even if the power goes out for a nanosecond, there is no interruption.


During normal operation, a rectifier converts the AC supply from the mains into DC and a charge controller circuit charges the battery. At the same time, the DC power from the charged battery is being converted into AC and supplied to the output AC load via an inverter.

In the event of a power outage, the UPS will stop drawing current from the alternating current mains and will stop charging the battery. However, the AC load will continue to draw current from the battery via the Inverter.


As a result, when switching its power source, Online UPS has no time delay. It is also known as an Online UPS because it remains operational even when not in use.


When Should You Use Online UPS?


  • When to use continuous power supply without switching operations for sensitive and important devices and equipment.
  • When the main power supply fluctuates frequently or when the daily scheduled load shading and power outage occurs.
  • When there are no concerns about the cost of operation, installation, and maintenance because the online UPS system is more expensive than the offline UPS system due to the additional parts in online uninterruptible power supply.
  • When you require the simultaneous operation of multiple connected devices for an extended period of time.


What is the difference between online and offline UPS?


The two most important types of UPS are online UPS and offline UPS. Both provide power to the device in the event of a power outage. The similarities, however, end here. The primary distinction between Online UPS and Offline UPS is that the Online UPS provides power via a rectifier and inverter combination. It supplies power to both the load and the battery at the same time, allowing the battery to be charged and ready to go in the event of a power outage.


An Offline UPS, on the other hand, supplies AC power directly to the load by turning on the transfer switch. In the event of a power outage, the offline UPS draws power from the battery backup. Another significant distinction between Online UPS and Offline UPS is the requirement for a large heat sink.


The rectifier in the Online UPS supplies power directly to the inverter as well as the battery. As a result, heat dissipation will be significant. As a result, an Online UPS requires a larger heat sink than an Offline UPS.


Why buy Solar hybrid Inverters from us?

Lento is the best solar hybrid inverter manufacturer. It is driven by research and development but with a difference. The focus at Lento is on harnessing the power of R&D to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users. This inverter making company has R&D that powers the manufacturing of advance technology-based products that include Inverters, Online UPS & static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System (ALBS), Solar Power Equipment, LED lights, and BLDC motor application-based products. It brings you: commercial series, utility series and hybrid series. The product redefines your relationship with energy, saves money and reduces emission of carbon.

Lento offers thousands of products, including solar inverters, batteries, and solar panels, among others.


If you want to buy wholesale solar inverters at a low cost, browse the online marketplace for a wide selection of high-quality inverters.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is online UPS and inverter?

Online UPS is a UPS type that supplies power to the AC load in normal operation and uses an inverter to provide AC power during a power failure. In Online UPS, the output power supply always stays ON i.e. the UPS keeps charging the battery and draws current from the battery to supply the load.

Q. Can online UPS be connected to inverter?

Yes. for this purpose, Do not connect input voltage (230V AC). Only Connect Battery input.

Q. Which is the best UPS inverter for home?

Lento Online Static UPS Inverter is by far the best inverter for home.

Q. Which is better between online and offline UPS?

The inverter is ON in power outage as well as during power availability. The inverter is ON only when the power failure occurs. The online ups is less reliable because it is in ON state always. The offline UPS is more reliable because it is in ON state only during power outage and thus its efficiency is high.

Q. How many batteries are required for 20 kVA UPS?

Determine the battery required for a 20 kVA UPS operating at full load with an efficiency of 86%, a load power factor of 0.8 and no additional DC loads. The UPS is a 130 VDC system requiring 60 cells of lead acid batteries and requiring 30 minutes of back-up time.

Q. Is there a 3 phase UPS?

3 Phase UPS: balanced, Efficient, Industrial Power

With three times the power of a single phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and load-balancing capabilities, three phase UPS are the most efficient way to deliver industrial backup power.

Q. Is UPS 3 phase or single phase?

UPS units come in two different formats: single phase and three phase. Single phase uninterruptible power supplies typically cover requirements up to 20 kVA and are widely available in homes or lower power equipment.

Q. How does a 3 phase UPS work?

Three phase power contains either 3 live wires or 4 wires (3 phase wires and a neutral one), providing three alternating currents, separated in phase angle. The total loads are shared by the three wires. Most commercial buildings in North America use three-phase, four-wire power setups.

Q. Is 3-phase more powerful?

three-phase power, three-phase power supplies are more efficient. A three-phase power supply can transmit three times as much power as a single-phase power supply, while only needing one additional wire (that is, three wires instead of two).

Q. Why is it called 3 phase?

As its name implies, 3-phase power systems provide three separate currents, each separated by one-third of the time it takes to complete a full cycle. But, as opposed to single-phase, where the two hot legs are always 180 degrees apart, with 3-phase, the currents are separated by 120 degrees.


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