7.5KVA Inverter Price in Bangladesh 2023

7.5KVA Inverter Price in Bangladesh 2023

7.5KVA Inverter Price in Bangladesh 2023


Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in Bangladesh. Various business organizations are working to put solar power systems in place. This is done to achieve the goals of preserving the environment and scarce resources. Lento, the best solar company in Bangladesh, provides one-of-a-kind solar products for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

Solar inverters are rapidly replacing generator sets (petrol, diesel, kerosene, and all other types of gen sets) as the preferred backup power supply option. Solar inverters are being used as (alternative) power sources by households, industrial factories and facilities, commercial companies, educational institutions, restaurants, and all other businesses.

This is understandable given the numerous advantages solar inverters have over other available power alternatives (such as generators) — simple maintenance, no exhaust fumes, silent operation, portability, pollution-free operation, cost-effectiveness, and so on.

Solar inverters convert direct electric current from solar panels to alternating current, which is then used by electronic and electrical appliances.

If you've been thinking about using an inverter system that provides complete satisfaction and a product warranty? The Lento 7.5kVA inverter is all you need to power your medium-sized heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners, laser jet photocopiers, printers, pumping machines, and other high-energy-consuming appliances in your home or office.

Lento is a leading manufacturer of Solar Inverter, inverter Battery, Tubular Battery, VRLA Battery, Off Grid Solar System, Off Grid Solar Inverter etc. They focus on user’s requirement the area of Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Solar Power Inverter, Inverter For Home and Sine Wave Home UPS in Bangladesh.

Lento 7.5KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverters-

LENTO is having vast experience of manufacturing and supplying of quality products in domestic as well as in international market.

We are one of the biggest OEM manufacturers in India, having world class manufacturing setups and In house R&D recognized by government of India, Which makes Lento one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of Sine wave Inverters, UPS as well as Solar Photo Voltaic systems in India.

Available Variants-

1. Lento 7.5KVA 120V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2. Lento Inverter 7.5KVA 96V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Lento 7.5KVA 120V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Product Specification





Output Voltage

220-230 V

Output Frequency

50 Hz

Audible Noise

<25 dB

Power Factor


Total Harmonic Distortion


Weight (In Kg)

73 Kg

Dimension (L*B*H in Centimetre)

40 x 35 x 60 cm

Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave


Product Description


Static UPS/ Inverter / Industrial Inverter

Range: 2.5Kva 36v to 12kva 192v


In real life, all our sophisticated and critical appliances and equipmentshave to face a number of power problems. These problems endanger your critical systems and are mostly encountered in the form of sags, surges, noise, brown outs, black outs etc. Because of its very high installation and operation cost, the online UPS is unlikely to be the right solution for this. Therefore, to provide the clean and stable power supply AC Sine Wave power from charged batteries


Salient Features


  • State of the Art MOSFET/IGBT Based PWM Technology to increase Crest Factor
  • Auto Sense Intelligent Control Smart Charger
  • Electronic change- over, hence much better reliability
  • Quiet of AC motors as well as other inductive loads unlike the noise that emanates from modified Sine Wave Systems
  • Very low Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
  • Fast Changeover ensuring Compatibility with Computers
  • TDR(Time Delay Relay), especially for AC compressor based applications
  • Mains Mode Short Circuit Protection
  • Surge Load Capacity up to 300%
  • Less Operating Coast as compared to that with Online UPS as well as DG Sets
  • Bypass Switch in case of system failure
  • Compatibility with D.G Sets



Lento Inverter 7.5KVA 96V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Product Specification




Eco-Smart 8500



Grid Type

Off Grid

Input Voltage


Max Supported Panel Power

7500 watts

Country of Origin

Made in India


Product Description

Pure sie wave are much perfect for hybrid solar system. it has inbuilt sine wave inverter and PWM solar charge /SMPS charger in single unit. it is specicllydesignd to keep battery healthy for longer time period.



What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Before we get into the benefits of using pure sine wave inverters in your home, it's important to understand what they are and how they work. Pure sine wave inverters produce AC power that closely resembles the real thing - a steady, continuous sine wave with smooth, periodic oscillations. As a result, the price of this solar inverter for home is quite high. Furthermore, certain devices are only compatible with these inverters. If you use another type of inverter, your devices may malfunction or be damaged.

Let us now look at the advantages of pure sine wave inverters.


Advantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverter-

  1. Consistent, smoother current flow

A pure sine wave inverter, as opposed to modified sine wave inverters, provides consistent, uninterrupted power to your devices. What makes this so great? Because modified sine wave inverters produce power in a step pattern, the voltage abruptly rises and falls, resulting in inconsistent current flow to your devices, which can be harmful in the long run. When shopping for a solar inverter for your home, it's best to go with pure sine wave inverters.

  1. Produces same current as power grids

A pure sine wave produces a wave that is very similar to the smooth waveform generated by mains electricity. That is, there is no discernible difference between plugging your devices into these inverters and plugging them into a wall outlet.

This, of course, means that you can use almost any device during a power outage.

  1. Devices are at low risk

The smooth waveform produced by a pure sine wave inverter also protects your high-end electronics from damage during power outages. After all, you don't want your gaming computer or oxygen machine to fail during a power outage.

Furthermore, using modified sine wave inverters with AC-powered devices such as microwaves and refrigerators can generate excessive waste heat, putting your devices at risk. Pure sine wave inverters, on the other hand, pose no threat to any of your devices.

  1. Quiet Operation

When using standard inverters, you may occasionally hear an annoying humming sound from lights and fans. When using a pure wave inverter, this is not the case. The waves produced by these inverters make very little noise. Pure wave inverters are simply cleaner, cooler, and quieter.

  1. Compatibility With a Variety of Devices

Because of the grid-like wave pattern and power these inverters produce, almost all devices work with them, including:

  1. Appliances with AC motors, such as refrigerators, compressors or microwaves.
  2. Audio equipment, video equipment, satellite systems, and microwave towers.
  3. Other devices that use the same type of technology include bread makers, certain battery chargers, and light dimmers.
  4. Many CPAP devices for sleep apnea and oxygen concentrators that require a power source.
  5. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase a separate UPS for your computer because a pure wave inverter is more than capable of powering your PC.

So why use a pure sine wave inverter?

  • The output waveform is a sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power, similar to that provided by a utility—essential for your expensive equipment.
  • Inductive loads, such as microwaves and motors, operate more quickly, quietly, and efficiently.
  • Pure sine-wave technology reduces both audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, televisions, fax machines, and answering machines. It prevents computer crashes, strange printouts, and monitor glitches.


Why buy Solar Inverters from us?

Lento is one of the best solar hybrid inverter manufacturer. It is driven by research and development but with a difference. The focus at Lento is on harnessing the power of R&D to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users. This inverter making company has R&D that powers the manufacturing of advance technology-based products that include Inverters, Online UPS & static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System (ALBS), Solar Power Equipment, LED lights, and BLDC motor application-based products. It brings you: commercial series, utility series and hybrid series. The product redefines your relationship with energy, saves money and reduces emission of carbon.

Lento industry is having vast experience as manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality products in domestic as well as in international market. We are one of the biggest OEM manufacturers in India, having world class manufacturing setups and In-house R&D recognized by government of India, Which makes Lento one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of Sine wave Inverters, UPS as well as Solar Photo Voltaic systems in India.

Lento has also forwarded step towards designing and developing products based on solar energy. Lento is all set to launch its brand new ranges of solar energy based products such as solar charge controller, solar power conditioning unit, solar grid interactive and solar motor pump drive.

Lento offers thousands of products, including solar inverters, batteries, and solar panels, among others.

If you want to buy wholesale solar inverters at a low cost, browse the online marketplace for a wide selection of high-quality inverters.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. Which inverter is most efficient?

Lento : Overall excellent


Q. What are the types of solar inverters?

To recap, there are three kinds of inverters: string inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. They all transform the power your solar panels generate from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).


Q. Which inverter battery is the best in Bangladesh?

The Best Inverter Batteries in Bangladesh 2022

Lento Lead Acid Tubular Battery.


Q. WHAT CAN 7.5 KVA inverter carry?

With 200Ah/12V batteries, the inverter 7.5kVA 120V Lento can support your household appliances, up to a freezer. That will cover fans, lighting, TV and other basic appliances.


Q. How many solar panels do I need for a 7.5 KVA inverter?

In 7.5kW solar system, you will get 23 nos. X 335 watt solar panel.


Q. How many solar panels do I need for 7.5 kW?

The average house uses around 900 kWh per month or around 30 kWh per day. Multiply this by 0.25 and get 7.5, so we need a 7.5 kW system. A typical solar panel produces up to 120 watts or 0.12 kW per day. To provide 7.5-kW, you need about 62 panels.


Q. What can I run on 7.5 kW solar system?

7.5kW solar system can run two AC with 2 Fan, 10 LED lights and 1 Fridge easily.


Q. Is 7kW enough to run a house?

7 kW systems are large enough to meet the energy needs of larger-than-average homes. They can also meet the energy needs of average-sized homes with higher-than-average energy usage, or when combined with battery backup, may be able to support small to average-sized homes nearly full time.






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