150AH SMF Battery Price in Syria 2023

150AH SMF Battery Price in Syria 2023

150AH SMF Battery Price in Syria 2023

In the vibrant market of Syria, where individuals and businesses alike seek reliable and efficient power solutions, the demand for high-quality batteries remains at the forefront. One name that stands out, revered for its exceptional performance and durability, is the 150 SMF battery. Renowned for its reliability and versatility, the 150 SMF battery has become the preferred choice of countless customers across various sectors.

Syria, a land brimming with diversity and technological advancements, has witnessed an exponential growth in its energy requirements. As power becomes an indispensable commodity for both urban centers and rural communities, the need for robust energy storage solutions has never been more pressing. This is where the 150 SMF battery emerges as a beacon of dependability, catering to the diverse needs of consumers and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Lento, a pioneering force in the battery industry, has established itself as a leading provider of superior energy storage solutions. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, Lento has become synonymous with excellence. As such, the 150 SMF battery, a remarkable product in Lento's extensive portfolio, holds immense significance within the Syrian market.

Designed with precision and manufactured to the highest standards, the 150 SMF battery is engineered to deliver optimal performance in even the most demanding conditions. Whether it's powering essential equipment in industrial settings, supporting critical infrastructure in telecommunication networks, or providing backup energy for residential applications, the 150 SMF battery consistently exceeds expectations, earning the trust of customers nationwide.

Also, the 150 SMF battery aligns perfectly with Syria's commitment to sustainable development and green energy solutions. As the nation actively embraces renewable energy sources, the 150 SMF battery complements this movement by offering seamless integration with solar power systems and other eco-friendly initiatives. This synergy between clean energy and reliable battery storage paves the way for a greener future and a more sustainable Syria.

If you interested in learning more about the top 100AH SMF battery in Syria, then continue reading.


Lento Lead Acid Batteries-

Lento Industries Pvt. ltd. is the best battery manufacturer in India (2022). Lead-acid batteries and solar SMF batteries from Lento are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. Their products are manufactured using the latest technology and are backed by our quality assurance program. Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters. Lento sealed maintenance-free batteries (SMF)are the perfect solution when you want batteries that last for a long time and perform consistently throughout their life.

Salient Features

  • Specially mixed corrosion-resistant alloy for spins & grids.
  • Tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates.
  • Low maintenance battery.
  • Specially designed vent plugs to trap electrolyte loss.
  • Good recovery from deep discharging.
  • Long shelf life when left unattended for extended periods.
  • Long life cycle.
  • No leakage, seepage, or spillage of electrolytes.
  • Gets charged faster than other batteries due to its specific features. Quicker useability for repeated application.

Lento offers a wide range of batteries -

  1. Lead Acid Tubular batteries- Lento uses premium technology and high-grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. These batteries are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters.

Available Amperes: 

75Ah | 100Ah 

120Ah | 180Ah 

200Ah | 220Ah

  1. Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries - Lento sealed maintenance-free batteries are the perfect solution when you want batteries that last for a long time and perform consistently throughout their life.

Available Amperes: 

7AH /12AH /42Ah | 65Ah

80Ah | 100Ah

120Ah | 150Ah /200Ah

Lento 150AH 12V SMF VRLA Battery

Product Specification





Battery Type



2 years

Filled Weight






Protection From

Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Battery Deep Discharge

Backup Time

2 Hours

Country of Origin

Made in India


Product Description

We are known name in manufacturing and supplying the best quality Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries. Developed using state of art amalgamation of high-density glass mat and acid, these batteries have an extended service life to power up UPS and inverter devices. Further, these batteries are powered with the highly advanced Lento SMF technology, which makes them one of the bestselling products in this segment. Our prestigious clients can order these high performing batteries from us in various models at equitable price range.


UPS System, Telecommunication Equipment, Fire Alarm & Security System, Office Automation, EP ABX, Banking & Financial Market, Data Center, Street Light, Electronic Weighing Scale and in many other applications.


What is a VRLA Battery?

A Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is simply a lead-acid battery with an immobilized electrolyte that allows hydrogen and oxygen to be recombined. It is named after its sealed construction with pressure release valves that prevent gases from escaping.

Because the electrolyte is no longer in a fluid state, either because it has been mixed with silica powder to form a gel or because it has been absorbed into a finely textured glass mat, the gases produced are no longer free to form bubbles and rise to the electrolyte's surface. Instead, they are trapped in the immobilised matrix and are forced to travel to the opposite poles by the pressure gradient created when on charge. In a free liquid, this would be impossible.

As the batteries retain and recombine the oxygen and hydrogen produced during charging, they do not require water replenishment during their guaranteed life.

In addition to the lack of maintenance, the ability to seal the battery prevents the release of combustible hydrogen. Other advantages of electrolyte immobilization include no spilling or leaking of corrosive acid, which makes handling and transport safer. These benefits are obvious to businesses and consumers, making this technology far more user friendly than flooded lead-acid batteries. Because of its ability to operate on its side, it can save money in commercial operations by removing gas extraction equipment and make better use of available storage space,giving more flexible installation options.

There are two types of VRLA Batteries: the Gel Cell and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM).

Types Of Lead-Acid Batteries-


Two major lead-acid battery types include:

  • Flooded lead-acid batteries
  • Sealed lead-acid batteries (VRLA battery or Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery)

A flooded lead-acid battery (wet lead-acid battery) has removable caps for topping up with distilled water, whereas a sealed lead-acid battery is sealed at the top and does not allow access to the inside compartment.

Because the electrolyte is sealed inside, the battery can withstand a predetermined number of cycles without the need for distilled water.


Applications of Lead-Acid Battery-


Around 70% of lead-acid batteries are used for vehicles, 21% for communications, and 4% of lead-acid batteries are used for other applications.


Basic uses of lead-acid batteries include-


1. Transportation

2. Motive power

3. Reserve Power


The Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI) battery is the most commonly used lead-acid battery in automobiles. SLI batteries, which are smaller than industrial batteries, are intended to start, run, and maintain the energy-consuming processes of an automobile.

Cleaning machines, electric material-handling trucks (aerial work platforms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), forklift trucks, and pallet trucks), and other industrial battery-powered or hybrid vehicles use motive power batteries.

General electronics, IT, telecommunications, utilities, uninterruptible power supplies, and specialty applications requiring standby power use reserve power batteries.


Why buy batteries from Lento?

Our organization is counted among the most renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of DELHI , India, providing Lead Acid Tubular Batteries and Trolleys that are featured with tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates. These products are specifically suitable for powering up UPS and inverters. We use premium technology and high grade materials in these lead acid tubular batteries to deliver maximum power for extended durations and have an appreciably longer life span. Along with that, these Lead Acid Tubular Batteries and Trolleys for batteries are environment-friendly, highly reliable in performance and is low in cost. 



Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. What does VRLA mean on a battery?

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid or VRLA, including Gel and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery designs, can be substituted in virtually any flooded lead-acid battery application (in conjunc- tion with well-regulated charging).

Q. Can VRLA battery be charged?

Constant current charging method is normally used for charging these batteries. Constant voltage with current limiting method is the recommended for charging these batteries. As excess of free acid is available.


Q. What are SLA, AGM and VRLA batteries? 

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) are two different abbreviations for the same cell. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is a form of SLA/VRLA in which the electrolytes are soaked into dividers across plates made out of sponge-like thin glass fibre matting.


Q. How long does VRLA battery last?

The typical design life of VRLA batteries used to backup UPS systems is 10 years. However, a battery's actual service life is usually only 3-5 years, where end of life is commonly defined as the point in time when a battery can only be charged to 80% of its rated capacity.


Q. Are VRLA batteries good?

VRLA batteries are used extensively in power wheelchairs, as the extremely low gas and acid output makes them much safer for indoor use. VRLA batteries are also used in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as a backup when the electrical power goes off.


Q. Can you add water to a VRLA battery? 

Yes. Finally it is possible to revive the battery by adding a certain amount of Demineralized water provided (assumption) the plates are not sulphated. This revival of adding water may extend the life of the battery by another six months approximately.


Q. Can we use SMF battery for solar?

SMF battery is a resistant solar battery with calcium technology. Hermetical sealing and strenghtened plates provides long life-period and high number of cycles. The battery was made specially for combinations with inverters, solar systems or installation into vehicles or nautic vehicles.


Q. Which is the best inverter battery company in Syria?



Q. What is SMF battery?

SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries also known as the Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are the flat plate batteries that do not require topping-up and normally do not emit any fumes or gases on a continuous basis.


Q. How long does SMF battery last?

Their rugged construction makes them resistant to shock, vibration, and heat. They can charge faster and have a shorter recharge time than flooded batteries as well. The SMF battery life cycle runs from three to five years or longer with good care.


Q. Is SMF battery AGM?

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery & SMF stands for Sealed Maintenance Free. Both are characteristics of a 12V AGM Battery.


Q. How do you maintain a maintenance free battery?

As you can see, if you schedule routine checks of the battery case and keep the cables and other outside components clean and free of corrosion, there's not much to do. Keeping a few simple tools, gloves, safety glasses, and cleaning products on hand makes the job safe and simple.


Q. Who makes most lead acid batteries?

Lento Industries supplies the widest range of lead-acid storage batteries in the world for a broad range of applications, including automotive, factories, telecom, mining, solar technology etc. The company exports its products to various countries.


Q. What are the 3 types of batteries?

There are three primary battery types available for consumer use. They are alkaline, nickel metal hydride (NIMH), and lithium ion. Each type has its pros and cons. Each one also has a distinctive place in technology history.


Q. Which is the No1 inverter battery company in India?



Q. Which battery is best for household?

Lento Lead Acid Tubular Batteries are the best for household.







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