12 volt vrla battery price in south Africa

12 volt vrla battery price in south Africa

12 volt vrla battery price in south Africa- 3906.28 ZAR

prices starts from R 879.95 to R 3906.28 

The Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery is a type of rechargeable battery. They are also commonly known as sealed batteries or maintenance-free batteries. Lento Energy as a Leading SMF VRLA Batteries Manufacturer work with a mission to turn into a functioning accomplice in the improvement of the force business utilizing the most recent innovation. Base has arisen as a leader in the number one spot corrosive stockpiling market in South Africa.

Lento sealed maintenance-free batteries are the perfect solution when you want batteries that last for a long time and perform consistently throughout their life. 200Ah SMF VRLA Batteries are available in containers.  Series have been delivering more than rated output of batteries. Customers have always received more than what they expected. World class technology.

If you interested in learning more about the top 200AH SMF battery in South Africa, then continue reading.

Lento 200AH SMF VRLA Battery, Warranty: 1 Year, 12v

Product Specification


>150 Ah


Inverter ,UPS ,Industrial Application



Battery Type

SMF VRLA Battery




1 year


Lead Acid Battery

Protection From

Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Battery Deep Discharge

Backup Time

5 to 6 Hours

Output Type




  • Good recovery from deep discharging
  • Low maintenance battery
  • Specially designed vent plugs to trap electrolyte loss
  • Long shelf life when left unattended for extended periods
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