10 kva Hybrid Solar Inverter price in Madagascar 2023

10 kva Hybrid Solar Inverter price in Madagascar 2023

10 kva Hybrid Solar Inverter price in Madagascar 2023 - Rs. 1,51,200.00, Rs. 1,24,881.00

Lento 10KVA 180V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Solar inverters are rapidly replacing generator sets (petrol, diesel, kerosene, and all other types of gen sets) as the preferred backup power supply option. Solar inverters are being used as (alternative) power sources by households, industrial factories and facilities, commercial companies, educational institutions, restaurants, and all other businesses.

This is understandable given the numerous advantages solar inverters have over other available power alternatives (such as generators) — simple maintenance, no exhaust fumes, silent operation, portability, pollution-free operation, cost-effectiveness, and so on.

Solar inverters convert direct electric current from solar panels to alternating current, which is then used by electronic and electrical appliances.

The numerous advantages of solar inverters have increased their popularity among individuals and businesses. This is why we have researched the solar inverter market of leading solar inverter manufacturers in Nigeria and the world from different sources, such as system integrators, solar panel installers, distributors, and dealers, to help you make a more informed decision and find the best solar inverter manufacturers. We found the following 10KVAsolar inverter that are suitable for utility-scale, commercial and residential projects. LENTO manufactures both off grid and on grid solar inverters. The list will provide information on top 10KVA solar inverters and help you select the best solar inverter.

10KVA Solar Inverter in Nigeria-

LENTO Solar Inverter-

Lento a solar grid inverter manufacturer, is the one of thebest solar inverter manufacturer in the world. It is driven by research and development but with a difference and is one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers in world. Following are the 10KVA solar inverters manufactured by Lento-


1. Lento 10KVA 180V Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter

Product Specification


10 KVA

Output Voltage

220-230 V

Output Frequency

50 Hz

Full Load Output Current

49A +/- 2A

Audible Noise

<25 dB


85 to 90 %

Power Factor


Change Over Time (Mains to Inverter)

<10 Sec

Total Harmonic Distortion

3 % for Linear Load ,5 % for Non-Linear Load

Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

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